Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Cupcake

The other day G-ma, my niece, and I went on an adventure to downtown P-town in search of cupcakes.  Against all logical reason (who goes downtown at 4:00 on a Friday??), we braved the traffic and achieved what I would call a success.  Only a few weird looks from old men and we did finally find a parking spot only 5 blocks away from our destination.

G-ma found her Hole-in-the-wall-Gluten-free-bread-place (I think that's the official name), and paid an arm and a foot for a couple cookies.  But I imagine it's worth it when deprivation is the only other option.

We walked by a thrift shop.....and of course I had to stop,  not to get anything, but just in case I happen to see something that I absolutely needed for super cheap.  They had some good deals going on, but this hat was just not doin' it for me.

Shel and I were more excited about the Hole-in-the-wall-Cupcake-place (official name), than the glue-free place, because we got to pay an arm, foot, AND a leg for these overpriced globs of sugar with frosting on top.

Ok, G-ma paid for them.  (she had no limbs left by the end of this trip).

I'll say that is was worth it.  Then again I am a Sugarholical and have given myself very little limitations since being preggo.  (Finally an excuse).  

Note: the Hole-in-the-Wall-Cupcake-place did not have any place to actually EAT your cupcake (it IS a hole-in-the-wall after all), so we had to go next door and set our little tushes on the Ben & Jerry's stools, where I also finally got to relieve myself (not on the stool of course, but in their restroom).

This adventure successfully reminded me of 2 reasons why I only VISIT downtown instead of live there 1. public restrooms and 2. lack of chairs.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Day of Paint

 So I fainlly decided to put my colorful nursery idea into action this week.  Mostly out of desperation - I'm not getting any smaller and who knows when this baby will really come.

Trying to describe my colorful stripes-on-the-wall idea to people raised some eye brows.  But I'm happy to report that is turned out just as good on the wall as it did in my head.

I was very grateful for Amy to come down off the mountain and grace me with her painting expertise. (Sidenote: Amy is my husband's ex-step dad's half brother's wife.......which is way too confusing. We were happy to discover that we are actually fourth cousins....and that is much easier to say).

There is no way that I was getting on that ladder at 7 months pregnant.  I have a hard time just standing on solid ground as it is!

The new green "frog tape" works much better than the blue tape.  FYI.

Clean-up was a crazy, exhausting mess!  But it got me to finally clean my bathtub.  (BTW, all those colors mixed together were not so purty : )

It was quite exciteing to remove the tape and see the final product!!!  I like it a lot!  Hopefully the kid isn't too overstimulated by all this contrast.

Yes, I also made the curtains (with the help of Marah).  And I'll post more pictures as the I add the finishing touches (like the crib, wall decorations, and stuff).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Little Dancer

Had a hard time sleeping last night because somebody was break dancing on my vital organs!!  I swear he's having a party in there - complete with girls and a disco ball!  Man, I hate not being invited to a party, especially when I'm the host!  

The party lasted all night.  Sleep was minimal.  Yay for Teylnol PM, which finally kicked in around 8:30 AM.  This has got to be prep for the time when he's actually outside of the womb.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Bladder

Hey, I just had something really interesting to say....and then my pregnancy brain kicked in.  Oh no, now baby is kicking the bladder, resulting in surges of peeing urges.  Hold up, the bathroom is calling...

...oh yeah.  Now I can think much better.  I was going to write about how interesting my life has become since this parasite started growing within me.  I traded my waist for a hot air balloon, monthly PMS for nine months of weeping, birth control for laxatives,  an innie for an outie, sleeping for groaning, and freedom for the most intense love I've ever known (and I haven't even met the little guy yet)!

Although there are many complaints that go around about being pregnant, I have to admit that I am very blessed.  I'm okay with being pregnancy, especially when I think about the perfect little boy that will be entirely ours to love and raise.  He'll never cry, he'll come out potty trained, and within a couple months he'll be saying how much he loves me and appreciates the nine months of carrying him.  It's thoughts like these that get me through the rough days.  Plus I get to eat as much chocolate and ice cream as I want!  

Yep, the benefits definitely outweigh the cost.