Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Cards

Yes! I did it! TWO posts in one month! I'm on a roll!

So Christmas cards.

I had every intention of sending out Christmas cards this year. In fact I still do. After all, we had a kid, bought a house, and didn't go bankrupt this year! I think that merits mentioning along with a nice family picture.

Here's how it didn't happen:

I was super excited for Nolan to turn 6 months old on Nov 29 - partly because I get to dress him up in some outrageously cute outfit and have the traditional 6 month pictures taken. Well, the actual day wasn't too good for us so I planned on doing it later that week. That week got busy. So I scheduled an appointment at the photo studio for the following week.

However, I had a genius idea to have a family picture taken at the same time - then we can have a picture for Christmas cards all ready to go! I quickly rescheduled for a time when Kirk could join us after work.

When that day showed up so did some complications and pictures were the last thing we wanted to do. So I rescheduled (yet again). This was now the Monday before Christmas. Cutting it close, but I could still do it.

Well, when that Monday rolled around I got up early to shower and look decent, only to learn that Kirk was not feeling well. Bummer. I decided to still take Nolan in for his 6 month pictures anyway. I could at least send those in a Christmas card.

Drove to the studio.

Had a hard time finding the place.

Showed up too late for the appointment.

No other appointments available before Christmas.


Okay I cried. I'm just trying to be a good MOM and get pictures taken of my child before he grows up!!! Is that too much to ask!?! Hello!?!? And that's when I realized that this was more about me than him. Does my self worth as a mother really lay in living up to the traditions of my parents!?!?


But the point is, that's why I didn't send out Christmas cards this year. I still plan on having Nolan's 6 month pictures taken someday (although he's over 7 months now). And I could always send out New Years cards, right? Or Presidents Day cards? Or something!

So to as a treat for all of you, here is the only picture I have of the three of us all together:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lame-O Pants, Excuses, and Solids

Dangit, I really wasn't going to fall into the blog-every-so-often trap, but it's so easy to do. Let's face it, they don't call me Mrs. Lame-O Pants for nothing. I've earned that title!

Right now my days are carefully split as follows:

60% Baby Tending
60% Home Matenience
60% Other

I know it doesn't quite add up to 100% (I never was good at math), but we'll just say there's some overlap there somewhere. As you can see, there's little time for blogging.

Here's some super cute pictures of Nolan to make up for the lack of blogging. That should do it :)

He started eating solid foods a few weeks ago. "Eating" is a term used loosely.
Have you ever tried Rice Cereal?!? It's disgusting!! No wonder babies don't eat it. He's doing MUCH better with the squash now. Mmmm, plain unsweetened squash.

Still learning to swallow rather than suck.

He wasn't so good at feeding himself.

Dang that kid is cute. It's a good thing too.

Sometimes the cuteness is his saving grace.

Ok, I promise to blog at some point again this month. Really. Really.