Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Clogging

In case anyone was curious, here are the final versions of our clogging performance last week. You'll notice I am only posting two of the three dance we did, because I majorly goofed up on one of them. Big time. Let's just say, bowing to the back of the stage instead of to the front gets quite a laugh from the audience! I'm choosing to erase that part of my life history.

Anyway, all the same. Enjoy!

Aside from a curious one year old boy and the ever increasing home improvement projects with the hubby, my life pretty much revolves around clogging right now.

Since I've become an excellent blog neglecter, let me catch you up to snuff:

I've started teaching clogging classes for kids called JUNIOR CLOGGERS. That's right, I am a PAID teacher! I get paid to teach something that I love doing! I guess that mean's I'm a professional now, since it's my "profession." Although I feel no where close to being an expert.

It all started about 3 months ago (yes, I'm going to tell a story now, grab the popcorn) with the intention of having three beginning classes for elementary school aged children. I had a lot of third graders sign up and no one else. There were, however, several kids interested in an intermediate class. Being the push-over for more money that I am, I agreed to teach one beginning class and one intermediate class for a total of 9 students. I really wish I could say that clogging is the new craze in Hillsboro Oregon the waiting list makes my head spin, but that would be lying. Instead, people have gone out of town for the summer and the number of students has dropped to 5 and a half. I say half because one of the girls only comes half of the time....or less. I also had to drop two extra beginning classes that were supposed to start up this week.

Nevertheless (who am I, Moroni?), it's a lot of fun and the kids are loving it. As for the future of Junior Cloggers, there are several promises for registration in the fall. And I still envision that some day, clogging will be in such high demand that I will need to put a limit on the number of students per class. Until then, I'll keep on choreographing.

Here are pics of my kids at their first recital:



Monday, June 7, 2010

Clogging Practice - (for Quatama Clogger eyes)

Here are the videos from today's practice. I know I'm noticing things that I need to work on. Hopefully the videos will help you too. Overall, I think things will go really well on Thursday. Good practice!

Some things I think we can focus on are windows, spacing, arms and of course SMILING! (that's my last plug for smiling. I swear. until Thursday of course:)

Walk Away

Mama Mia

Single Ladies