Monday, November 2, 2009

What the...what happened to October??

Hey! It's about time I convey the last month of my life as a picture book! Cuz really, it's THAT interesting. Closing on the house, painting, moving, unpacking, fixing stuff up, and Halloween of course! I'm all about candy and dressing up :)

Here's our house just before we signed our life away.
I will always remember September 23rd 2009 - I dated enough signatures, how could I forget it!?!
FYI - houses are expensive!

On the day we closed, I picked Kirk up from work, stopped by Little Caesars and enjoyed our first meal in our new little home! I pulled out the camping chairs and a surprise basket filled with Sparkling Cider, crystal goblets, and a good book. You know, the type of stuff that goes with pizza.

I spent the next two weeks in these nasty paint clothes. I had high hopes of painting every room in the house when I first started. But in the end, we were lucky to paint over the nasty orange in the kitchen, the green in the living room & hallway, and the blue in nursery. It took several layers. And NO, I didn't get the fun stripes for the nursery painted yet. Darn! But I really want to. White is boring. It needs color!
(It was a sad day when I had to paint over the stripes in the old nursery :( It took three layers)

We moved out of the town home on Friday Oct 9th. That was a stressful day. That morning I was not quite done packing (of course) but I had to go to the new house to hurry and clean things up, when I locked my keys in the car!!! The KEYS, my CELL, the DIAPER BAG - everything but Nolan (luckily). Thank goodness for good neighbors and parent's AAA, but it took an unexpected 2 hours out of an already stressful day. Things still worked out somehow .

And yes, that is a PIANO! It's on loan from my sister for a year and half, but I think I just might be attached already. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having piano (and a place to put it).

We moved into our new house the next day after sleeping on a deflated air mattress (by 3 am I was hittin' bottom, but too tired to do anything about it). We also had trouble getting the U-haul started. But alas, all of our earthly belongings made it into our new home.

Now that' we're somewhat unpacked, we've been busily fixing things around the house before winter.

Here we see Kirk cleaning out the gutters, like the good husband that I trained him to be.

Now he's raking leaves. LOTS of leaves.

and hanging the shelf.

Projects projects projects.

The kitchen was mine. I'm constantly reorganizing it to make it just right.

Note: the walls are no longer orange. But goodness I'm anxious to put up my dazzling red curtains.

The first fire in the stove. We hope to heat our whole house this way.

Now for the cute pictures of Nolan!

I was super excited to dress him up in Halloween clothes :)

He was thrilled

This could have been a good warm costume but he couldn't move his arms or anything very well. Reminded me of A Christmas Story. Nolan just laid there smiling at me, because I was laughing so hard.

We decided on a family theme. Any guesses at what we are?? Collectively we are one thing. It requires in depth creativity. (Nolan did not want to attend the adult party with us so he sent a sub).

Here is the real Nolan in his adorable chili pepper outfit.
Again, he's thrilled.

Love this kid!!
But he's growing up way too fast. He's over 5 months now. Uh, it makes me feel old. It means that I'm like 5 months older than when I had him. But that doesn't really matter. Scratch that. My attempts at being funny are shot. Sadly I probably would have really said that in conversation. Why I'm not editing this more, I don't know. Let's just blame it on lack of sleep. Or something.