Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In case you're wondering...

...I'm still alive!

But just barely :)

It's been a super busy last couple of weeks/month. Packing, signing our life away for the new house, packing (how'd I get so much stuff?), painting the new house, fixing random little things around the house, cleaning the new house, loading the truck, sleeping on a deflated air mattress, unloading the truck, unpacking, and painting over the old nursery :(

All of the above take a lot more time to actually do than it may sound, ESPECIALLY with a four month old baby! Impossible actually. So he's been at other people's homes for way longer than I'd like each day. With all that's been going on - things have been slightly stressful.

Let's just say, I forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair yesterday.

Right now the old washer and dryer are sitting out on our new front lawn. It makes me feel very white trashy. But Hey, widening the small pathway between boxes is higher my to-do list these days :)

But we are SUPER excited to finally be in our new house! I'm loving it. But I think I'll love it even more when I get a chance to sit down and actually enjoy it.

We went to church on Sunday, the day after moving in, and we were very impressed with our new ward. About 5 people introduced themselves before we even made it into the chapel! I spent most the time in the mother's lounge (which is huge, awesome), and I met other new moms there. Everyone seems really friendly and down to earth. Just another thing telling us that we're in the right place.

Pictures of the new house to come as soon as I find my camera cord.....where is that thing?? It's probably with laundry detergent...