Friday, May 14, 2010

Nolan's Favorite Things

I can't believe my little guy is almost a year old! Time has flown by, yet, it's been so neat to watch him learn new things everyday. Since he's been mobile the last few months he wants to explore everything, soaking it all up like a wet sponge. Here are just a few of Nolan's favorite things:

Being outside. Particularly dirt.

Drawers. Especially Daddy's drawer full of shirts.
How fun to pull everything out and throw it on the floor!

Tearing up the Sunday Comics before I Mommy gets a chance to read them.

Banging on mirrors.

The cupboard full of Tupperware! How else would Mommy get dinner made!?!

Making messes while eating.

That's my little guy! I'm so proud of him and his destructive tendencies. It really helps things stay neat and organized in my house! I think I'll be okay if he's not walking by the time he's two or three years old. But at the rate he's moving, that's doesn't look very promising.

Ball-gowns and Birthdays

A few weeks ago Kirk and I attended a Masquerade Ball fill with dancing and good food! I was really hoping that know one would be able to tell who I was with a mask on, but alas, no one was fooled. We sure had a lot of fun dancing. It had been awhile!

Hard to kiss with a mask on!

Kirk put his wedding tux to use for the fourth time since we got married.
And people were impressed by my $2 garage sale ball-gown purchase (alterations required).

A couple weeks ago was my Golden Birthday. Not really too different from other birthdays except that I got to say, "Hey! I'm turning 26 on the 26th. Isn't that cool?"
Kirk surprised me in the morning with a treasure hunt that lasted throughout most of the day. It ended with the Bluetooth headset I've been wanting. Now Nolan can't pull the cord out of my ear when I'm on he phone. Ha! I feel like I've out-smarted an 11 month old!

And Red Robin for dinner (one of my all-time fav restaurants).
And the best part, my burger was free! Yay for Red Robin eClub!

They also give you a good-size Sundae for free!
But you have to wear the donkey-ear balloons. I was okay with that.
Good times!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Don't Judge Too Quickly

I thought these commercials were hilarious! Have to share.