Monday, August 31, 2009

Old Stroller, New Stroller

This is the old stroller, which my sister so graciously let us borrow. However, it was time to replace the old one and find our dream travel system. Here we are on our last walk with old blue:

Farewell old friend.

(Okay, that's a cute kid)

We knew that we wanted to get a jogging stroller since before I was even pregnant. Bummer that babies don't do so well with them if that can't sit up yet! However, to our great astonishment, we found a jogging stroller that has a carseat attachment with all the bells and whistles and wasn't overpriced! Yay for! This is the only travel system that I've seen like this. And it makes me very happy :)

The front wheel can swivel for everyday use or lock in place when jogging.

Plus, it's red. Love it! Thanks Caitlin!

Soon after getting it I decided to test it out and go for a run. turned into more like a walk.

It's been almost a year since I last went running. But at least now I have motivation to get back into it. We're aiming to do another triathlon next year. Gotta start somewhere :) Here's to exercise equipment that makes me feel like I'm in shape just by looking at it!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best Two Years

So we just celebrated two years of marriage. It feels a lot longer. I guess a lot has happened. Graduating. Triathlons. Moving. New job. Kid. House hunting (that's a very recent one).

Why not reminisce about the wedding day?

What a stud.

Anyone want to buy a 100% silk dress?

It's been a wonderful two years. Here's to the next 200 or so....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Journal Entry # like 42

I have to admit that the first couple weeks (ok, months) of parenthood were kind of rocky for me. It was definitly a fly-by-the-handle, on-the-job-training experience. It was like someone just handed me this little stranger and said:

"Here. Have a baby. From now on, you are completely responsible for this human being. At all times he will either need to be fed, changed, burped, put to sleep, or held. No, there will be no time for you or anything else. Long showers are right out. Don't even think about trying to blow dry your hair. Oh yeah, and there's no instruction manuel. Well, here he is! Your on your own now. Good luck!"

Anyway, in the midst of the mid-night cryinig bouts and feeling like I'd been stripped of every ounce of energy, I kept telling myself that it was all worth it. At least that's what everyone else was telling me. And of course I wanted to believe it, but it was hard to see how at times. I sorta felt like I was playing house, except that it never ended!

But alas, I have finally moved in with the group who can testify, "Parenthood is wonderful! Sure it's a lot of work, but it IS all worth it." Oh yeah, and "My baby is SOO adorable! He honestly brings an overwhelming rush of joy that I never knew I could feel!" I would seriously do anything for this little bundle of joy who is completely reliant on me and trusting. And I can just tell that he loves me even though he doesn't have more than like a 5 second memory span :)

Although sleep and the next episode of Scrubs are all very appealing at times, I often find myself wanting to do nothing else than sit and make gawking and cooing noses at my sweet little guy. Seeing his smiles and personality come out are the rewards that I've been aching for. He is completely unique and.....he's MY baby. That's still kinda weird to think about, but it's definitly more real now.

He's such a good, easy baby, I realy couldn't have asked for anything more. Even now, he's laying on the changing table completely enthrawled by his hand (of all things) (No really, he'll stare at his fist for seemingly hours on end - that are actually minutes). And I love that his whole face lights up and his body kicks and flales out of control when he sees me. He hasn't quite done a belly laugh yet, but his eye brows go up, he breathes in suddenly and then lets out whatever sound comes out. Usually a yelp, an achk, or a big long Ooooooo.

Eeeekk! I just love him!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Good News!

My pre-maternity jeans fit again!!!

Ok, they're not exactly the most comfortable thing, but I can at least button them.

If I suck in.

And that makes me happy.

I wore them around today. Even though it was uber hot. Weird. Yeah.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Nolan was born two weeks after his cousin, Zack. And because Zack is so much older and wiser, he teaches Nolan how to play, hit, and make origami. My SIL and I are trying to force our children to be friends. As follows.

Placing them on a blanket together lead to some interesting things:

hand holding (cute while babies, but better not last),

sucking on each other's hands (yuk, I know were those hands have been!),

and hitting. Nolan didn't seem to mind.

This was actually the first picture taken of them together. It's oddly symbolic too:

Wise old Zack (aka Snack) gazes down from his mighty throne at his scrawny cousin (aka Smalls) and says, "Hello there, little one. Come. Let me teach you the ways."

Little does Zack know that Nolan will one day outgrow him. At least when it comes to muscle.

Nolan is a rock.