Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yes, I'm still pregnant and into a full waddle now. Here's a pic for proof. I think I'm about 28 weeks here.
I currently despise bending over. During my first pregnancy, I remember thinking that it might be nice to have a toddler around while I'm pregnant, cuz then I could just have him bend over and pick things up for me! Right!?! Wrong. For some reason, toddlers just create more of a mess. Toys, cars, socks, food - everywhere. And unfortunately, an object thrown in toddler motion tends to fall to the ground (That's as much of the law of gravity as my prego mind can currently remember). I've learned to deal with messes better by lowering my standards and I've mastered the art of picking objects up with my toes. Although it kinda makes me feel like a monkey.

Nolan has several redeeming qualities which help him to stay alive. For example, this is Nolan's response when I ask his where baby brother is:


Occasionally Nolan will kick, knee, or bulldoze into my belly to which I instinctively reply with "Oww!" He then lifts up my shirt and gives my belly a kiss. It's pretty darn cute. Too bad he has no idea what's coming and will soon learn that he'll have to share the center of my world with another boy.

I hear boys are twice the fun, three times the energy! Yay!