Friday, February 26, 2010

Spontaneous Beach Trip!

Last week was rough (actually, by the time I'm getting around to posting this it's actually 2 weeks ago), anyway it was rough because Nolan had two more teeth coming in for a total of 8 teeth! Don't most other babies only have like 4 teeth at 8 months?? Anyway, Kirk and I had some real rough nights of interrupted sleep due to an inconsolable child who only wanted to play blocks at 3am. I'm NOT in favor of random middle-of-the-night play sessions.

Anyway, by Wednesday morning I was spent and not looking forward to a whole day head of me with a cranky baby. I was cranky too. On top of that it was an unusually gorgeous day and I really wanted to get out an enjoy it and not be stuck in the house. So Kirk said he'd go into work late and that we would all take a trip to the BEACH!

It was so spontaneously fun! Kirk's not one to miss work either, which goes to show how much of a needed trip this was. It also the first time we'd all been to the beach together since we moved to Oregon a year and a half ago.

With an hour and half drive both ways we only had about 45 mins at the actual beach, but it was worth every minute :) Plus Nolan slept in the car the whole way there and only screamed half of the way home.

Daddy and Nolan had a lot fun exploring new things like broken sand dollars and big water! Nolan wasn't too sure what to think - but he loves being outside.

This was our sad attempt at a self-portrait family picture (is that what you'd call it?). I love Nolan's face.

Much better to have someone else take the picture. (Nevermind the lady's bum in the background).

I'm SO excited for summertime and more beach trips and for Nolan to be able to run around until all his energy is spent and for me to yell at him to not run off too far and then for him to cry because he's so tired and has sand in his eye and the water is too cold......and I think that sentence was WAY to long!