Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Card!

We cut down on the number of Christmas cards that we actually mailed this year. So if you didn't get one, trust me, it's not because we don't like you, it's because we are way too cheap to spend 43 cents times the number of friends we have. I guess we're just way too popular. So here is the free electronic version. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

2010 has been good to the Fishers; as we hope it has for you!

We started out the year with a list of projects to do.

Little by little we worked each Saturday to make our new home our own,

We replaced windows, painted the exterior, and our first garden has grown.

Nolan has changed a lot in a year, his biggest triumph was learning to walk,

Now at 18 months old he’s running, and climbing, and starting to talk.

Dirt, bugs, trucks, and blocks; a typical boy; everything must be tossed.

His parents love him in nursery now, if only he’d stay there and not be cross.

Angie started up her own dance class in April, not knowing quite what she was in for,

Teaching Junior Cloggers is a lot of fun, though life is much busier than before.

In 9 months the business has grown from 1 location to 2, from 8 students to 24,

And from zero Crockpot recipes per week, to sometimes three or more!

Kirk still enjoys the chemistry lab helping students not blow up and to get an education.

Though we’re now a two-car family, he still rides his bike to and from the train station.

Learning what they don’t teach in school: hunting & building are his courses of late.

If that wasn’t enough,, Kirk was called as Scout Master and it’s certainly filled his plate.

Though the year has flown by and some days are a little hazy,

One thing has remained the same, we are still crazy.

So hello from Hillsboro and our little slice of Heaven.

Have a great New Year and we’ll see you again in 2011.

- Kirk Angie & Nolan Fisher


Matthew and Hillary said...

OH my he's getting so big! Merry Christmas to you all!

Anna W said...

You guys are such a beautiful family. I miss you tons and I hope you guys are happy and healthy in 2011 (well, and forever) and BLOG MORE. PLEASE. I need my fix of Nolan baby pictures!

BECKY said...

you guys are talented to write that! merry christmas ang!!

Marcene said...

A rhyming card...awesome! Love you guys, Merry Christmas.

Emily Lynn said...

Thanks for remembering us!!! I didn't get any out this year....sorry :( HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Janelle said...

Hey, will you email me a copy of this awesome family picture?