Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yes, I'm still pregnant and into a full waddle now. Here's a pic for proof. I think I'm about 28 weeks here.
I currently despise bending over. During my first pregnancy, I remember thinking that it might be nice to have a toddler around while I'm pregnant, cuz then I could just have him bend over and pick things up for me! Right!?! Wrong. For some reason, toddlers just create more of a mess. Toys, cars, socks, food - everywhere. And unfortunately, an object thrown in toddler motion tends to fall to the ground (That's as much of the law of gravity as my prego mind can currently remember). I've learned to deal with messes better by lowering my standards and I've mastered the art of picking objects up with my toes. Although it kinda makes me feel like a monkey.

Nolan has several redeeming qualities which help him to stay alive. For example, this is Nolan's response when I ask his where baby brother is:


Occasionally Nolan will kick, knee, or bulldoze into my belly to which I instinctively reply with "Oww!" He then lifts up my shirt and gives my belly a kiss. It's pretty darn cute. Too bad he has no idea what's coming and will soon learn that he'll have to share the center of my world with another boy.

I hear boys are twice the fun, three times the energy! Yay!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Something worth posting about....

OK, let's just get it out there....I'm pregnant. Baby #2 is on the way! Not sure what else there is to say (I'll spare you the details on how this happened). But he/she is due for birth on September 23rd. I probably won't find out the gender until May. This week the baby is 14 weeks and about the size of a lime. It sure feels a lot bigger. I started wearing maternity pants MUCH sooner than the first time I was pregnant. It's like my body is saying "Oh, we know what to do - release the stomach! Reduce all energy levels to bare minimum! Commence sickness feeling!"

Other than that, I can't complain. We're really excited. I have to say that this pregnancy is going WAY faster than when I was pregnant with Nolan. It's like I have a toddler running around constantly distracting me. I also have a feeling that I'm going to be constantly comparing this pregnancy/labor/child/everything to how it was with Nolan. And thus begins the second child syndrome.

I promise to post again before the baby is born!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Card!

We cut down on the number of Christmas cards that we actually mailed this year. So if you didn't get one, trust me, it's not because we don't like you, it's because we are way too cheap to spend 43 cents times the number of friends we have. I guess we're just way too popular. So here is the free electronic version. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas

2010 has been good to the Fishers; as we hope it has for you!

We started out the year with a list of projects to do.

Little by little we worked each Saturday to make our new home our own,

We replaced windows, painted the exterior, and our first garden has grown.

Nolan has changed a lot in a year, his biggest triumph was learning to walk,

Now at 18 months old he’s running, and climbing, and starting to talk.

Dirt, bugs, trucks, and blocks; a typical boy; everything must be tossed.

His parents love him in nursery now, if only he’d stay there and not be cross.

Angie started up her own dance class in April, not knowing quite what she was in for,

Teaching Junior Cloggers is a lot of fun, though life is much busier than before.

In 9 months the business has grown from 1 location to 2, from 8 students to 24,

And from zero Crockpot recipes per week, to sometimes three or more!

Kirk still enjoys the chemistry lab helping students not blow up and to get an education.

Though we’re now a two-car family, he still rides his bike to and from the train station.

Learning what they don’t teach in school: hunting & building are his courses of late.

If that wasn’t enough,, Kirk was called as Scout Master and it’s certainly filled his plate.

Though the year has flown by and some days are a little hazy,

One thing has remained the same, we are still crazy.

So hello from Hillsboro and our little slice of Heaven.

Have a great New Year and we’ll see you again in 2011.

- Kirk Angie & Nolan Fisher

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Utah Trip!

k. We took an awesome trip to Utah the last week of August. It was a very much needed vacation. Let's just say, it was the first trip we've taken since we moved from Utah 2 years ago! We were ready for a break. And I was ready for a road trip. This may be one of my more boring posts, but hey, at least I posted! And the pictures are no where near professional quality, but I've never claimed to be a professional photographer. Although I am slightly jealous of people who aren't pros and can still make their pictures look amazingly good.

This first picture was taken through a glarey windshield and features our garage door opener. But look at that adorable grin!

Nolan really wanted to drive.

He was a good driver.

Amazing Sunrise....right in our eyes! (I'll take credit for this picture :)
We left at 3:30 am in hopes that Nolan would sleep for most of the way.

He did. And so did I.

We saw a lot of friends we hadn't seen in two years, but as I sort through these pictures, I'm realizing that we have almost NO pictures of the PEOPLE we saw. Or us. Most of our pictures are of Nolan. In fact, we have a lot of pictures of Nolan in people's living rooms, but few of the actual people. So, in honor of the people we saw - here's a picture of Nolan in their living room.

David and Jen Forsyth's living room. They were Kirk's friends in North SLC. And our kids had a BLAST in this tent thing! Though the picture doesn't quite capture the joy of the moment. (Why am I even posting this picture then? Posterity's sake)

A cute picture of Nolan taken in Cory and Ashley Mountineer's living room - where Nolan indecently took his first steps. Of course as soon as I pulled the camera out for documentation, he stopped.

Hey, a real picture of someone! This is Kirk and his former BYU chemistry teacher/friend.

Kris and Lindsay Costello's living room. Nolan and Addy are going to get married. There's no need to let height issues get in the way.

Joseph Nuttall. The one and only common friend that Kirk and I had before Kirk and I met. And now he lives in Logan.

The NIELSON's bathroom!! Bishop Neilson was the bishop of the singles ward that Kirk and I met in. We consider him a great friend even though he's a generation above us. The Nielson's let us stay with them for the week we were in Utah. Hence the bathroom picture.

Nolan posing on the Nielson Rock. Kirk helped to move this rock 2 years ago to the place where in now rests - in the Nielson's front yard. Not sure why, but it's still slightly sentimental.

I love this shirt. And this smile.

Kirk and Tom Neilson (in the living room).

The Olers! They were also influential during our courtship. And Sister Oler makes amazing peach smoothies. Mmmm.
(this may be the only picture I'm in. awake.)

I love this picture.

Lecture Preppers: Chemistry LP Reunion. Sarah, Nate, Anna, Kirk, Sam.

Living Rooms/People/Places Not Pictured (for one dumb reason or another):
Aaron and Becky Hamilton - did we really not take any pictures??
Dave and Angela Williams - I miss the dirty store. And peach cobbler!
Brianne Williams - cuz we found your car keys in your parents yard.
Corey Garr - thanks. Kirk really needs more friends like you.
Jenet Jacobs - now we want grapes in our backyard.
My clogging teachers - thanks for letting me sit in on your classes.
Church History Museum - I'm still obsessed with church history, and a little deprived of it.
Zupa's - cuz you'll always hold a place in my heart, next to Wilson's Diamonds
Shades Store - I'm so glad you were have a liquidation sale just for me!
Swing Dancing - miss it. love it. but not much has changed.

Nolan learned to walk while on our trip (right at 15 months). He was so close before we left....and then we shoved him in a car :) He still learned nonetheless. Here it is captured in stages - Day by Day.

Day 1: Car
(no picture - really, he wasn't walking in the car!)

Day 2 or trip: Walking with help.

Day 3: Walking more confidently with help.

Day 4: Standing alone.

Day 5: Running.
Yes, he skipped walking all together and went straight to running.

Adorable video of our cute toddler toddling around.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just so you know...

...Yes, I HAVE fallen off the face of the earth.

My blog doesn't even remember who I am. The cool background up and left. All witty, creative writing fled long ago. And I'm wearing sweat pants.

What happened? Life happened. Things are good. And very, very busy. But don't wait on the edge of your seat for me to blog about it. Lame. I know.

Major updates? Nolan's walking. Clogging has taken over my life. No, I'm not pregnant.

FYI, I have written several posts in my head (pictures, cool fonts and everything) They just never made it to the keyboard. Hopefully they will within the next decade :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I feel like I should post something....

....but the baby just woke up. Darn!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Clogging

In case anyone was curious, here are the final versions of our clogging performance last week. You'll notice I am only posting two of the three dance we did, because I majorly goofed up on one of them. Big time. Let's just say, bowing to the back of the stage instead of to the front gets quite a laugh from the audience! I'm choosing to erase that part of my life history.

Anyway, all the same. Enjoy!

Aside from a curious one year old boy and the ever increasing home improvement projects with the hubby, my life pretty much revolves around clogging right now.

Since I've become an excellent blog neglecter, let me catch you up to snuff:

I've started teaching clogging classes for kids called JUNIOR CLOGGERS. That's right, I am a PAID teacher! I get paid to teach something that I love doing! I guess that mean's I'm a professional now, since it's my "profession." Although I feel no where close to being an expert.

It all started about 3 months ago (yes, I'm going to tell a story now, grab the popcorn) with the intention of having three beginning classes for elementary school aged children. I had a lot of third graders sign up and no one else. There were, however, several kids interested in an intermediate class. Being the push-over for more money that I am, I agreed to teach one beginning class and one intermediate class for a total of 9 students. I really wish I could say that clogging is the new craze in Hillsboro Oregon the waiting list makes my head spin, but that would be lying. Instead, people have gone out of town for the summer and the number of students has dropped to 5 and a half. I say half because one of the girls only comes half of the time....or less. I also had to drop two extra beginning classes that were supposed to start up this week.

Nevertheless (who am I, Moroni?), it's a lot of fun and the kids are loving it. As for the future of Junior Cloggers, there are several promises for registration in the fall. And I still envision that some day, clogging will be in such high demand that I will need to put a limit on the number of students per class. Until then, I'll keep on choreographing.

Here are pics of my kids at their first recital: